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Graphics geek that flies that flag proudly, loves design, never tires of learning, and has great customer service skills. Academic background includes emphasis on design and graphics for print and web.

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Work Experience

Graphic Designer
Middle Tennessee State Univeristy, Creative and Visual Services, Murfreesboro, Tennessee
May 2000 - September 2002,
November 2003 - Current
  • Designing/creating various print and electronic media including, but not limited to: program covers, mailers, business cards, letterhead, booklets, brochures, flyers, print ads, posters, calendars, magazines, and fillable/interactive PDFs.
  • Preparing all creations to go to print at either on-campus or off-campus venders.
  • Meeting all required deadlines.
  • Meeting with clients to discuss their needs at the beginning of a project and continuously throughout the project if needed.
  • Working with others as part of team to created items/products.
Freelance Worker
October 2002 - Current
  • Designed food packaging labels
  • Created images for websites
  • Created personal logos
  • Created logos for nonprofits
  • Designed website for local business
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Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design
Minor emphasis in Book Arts
May 2000

Middle Tennessee State University
Mufreesboro, Tennessee

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Extensive list of Portfolio Items. Each link opens as a PDF in another tab/window.

MTSU CLA Magazines

The College of Liberal Arts at MTSU magazine is used to highlight things going on in the college; it is a 40-page magazine; size is 8.375in.w x 10.875in.h when folded; it is a 4-color plus piece that has Aqueous coating on all pages (Fall 2016 cover and table of contents shown)

MTSU CLA Branding

MTSU CLA (College of Liberal Arts) Branding art/graphics that are used to help bring unity to the college offerings and to help put a liberal arts education front and center. Each area was placed into a area and given it's own color under the main color.

BRAA Football Parking Passes

Shown is the 2016 passes that are 3.25in.X6.5in., 4-color/Black (fronts 4-color, back black ink only with unique map for each lot);perforated/diecut creating parking passes/tear off tickets; a set of six sheets together created a pad of passes and numbered.

BRAA Business Directory

Artrageous Materials

Golden Ticket, Candy Bar Wrapper, and Invite/Map items are three items of many that were design for the event; all pieces used the logo that I created and the candy theme was used throught all pieces; other pieces can be viewed by see links for Artrageous below. (Artrageous 22 items shown).

Artrageous 22

Miscellaneous Items

Artrageous 21

Miscellaneous Items

MTSU CUSTOMS Materials (Student Orientation)

Folder shown was used during the new student orientation program at MTSU; it is 9in.w X 12in.h with two 4in. pockets folded and glued (4-color) with a 52-page booklet stitch inside; booklet pages were black ink only (2016 cover and a two-page spread shown).

2017 CUSTOMS Materials

Folder Inside Pages
Miscellaneous Items

2016 CUSTOMS Materials

Folder Inside Pages
Miscellaneous Items
Miscellaneous Items

Investigating Unexpected Child Death Materials

The Investigating Unexpected Child Death Trainee Book and Trainer Notebook: cover art shown is 4-color and used for the book, the cover for the notebook was just the front cover of the book; insides of both are black ink only; the notebook also had a spine as well as tab sheets (2017 cover of booklet and misc pages shown).
Trainer Notebook
Trainee Book

Booklets, Brochures, and Newsletters

Printing Services/Blue Print Calendar

MTSU Printing Services/Blue Print Solutions 2017 Desk Calendar: Calendar is 1in.h x 19in.w and has fourteen sheets plus a cardboard backing; all sheets for the 2017 calendar were done as 4-color, previous years only had two 4-color sheets and the rest were 2-color.


Health Promotion/True Blue Health
National Women's History Month
MTSU Public Safety/University Police
Black History

Nashville Grizzlies Materials

Grizzlies Crest/Graphics: Original crest (left, by me) was created using research on heraldry; altered crest (right) by another designer based on original and had to be rebuilt/cleaned up due to the team only having flattened art; miscellaneous graphics (middle).




Miscellaneous Posters: Carmina Burana poster is 4-color, 11in.w x 17in.h, and bleeds; Constitution Day 2015 poster is 4-color, 11in.w x 17in.h, and bleeds; Walk a Mile in Her Shoes poster is 4-color, 11in.w x 17in.h, and doesn't bleed.

Athletic Items

Shown is the BRAA Membership Guide 2016-2017: A 20-page booklet that is 8.5in.w x 5.5in.h when folded and is a 4-color piece that was mailed inside a 6.5in. x 9.5in. envelope along with a #9 remittance envelope; these were used to help booster the membership of the athletic association.

Campus Maps

Glasgow Election Campaign Items

Theatre and Dance Items

MTSU Theatre and Dance items for the 2017-2018 Season: These items consisted of four vinyl banners (23in.w X 66in.h, 4-color, two single-sided banners stitched together with pole pockets at top/bottom and grommets), digital signs, and an ad that went into the college magazine.

Fillable PDFs

Display Panels and Banners

NWHM and WGST Conference Items

MTSU National Women's History Month (NWHM) and Women's and Gender Studies Conference (WGST) had multiple events that worked with each other; items created for each event were to use similar art but give each a distinctive feel by using different header colors for each.

Connection Point Pieces

Connection Point is where during the semester activities are planned to engage student with the campus community. These items were used to help promote these events and get the students involved with each other as well as the campus community like departments, offices, etc.
Fall 2017


MTSU Health Services, Campus Recreation, and Pharmacy Bus Wrap: This was a bus wrap printed on vehicle wrap substrate with a gloss laminate and covered drivers side (Campus Rec), passenger side (Health Services), and rear (Pharmacy), 4-color EcoSolvent UV inks.